In our 3rd review we are looking at the Intex Seahawk 2 Boat Set – this is a very decent and cheap boat that is fit for 2 people. Although we have ranked this boat third and feel there is more value in the Intex Seahawk 4 or the Intex Challenger 2 this will make a very good choice if you are purely looking for a boat that will get you on the water fast and you don’t need any of the bells and whistles.

Let us have a look at the features of the Intex Seahawk 2 Boat Set:

  • 3 air chambers including inner auxiliary chamber inside hull
  • 2 quick fill/fast deflate boston valve
  • Inflatable floor for comfort and rigidity
  • Welded on oar locks & oar holders, grab handle on bow with all around grab line and fishing rod holders
  • Motor mount fittings

If you are going on a fishing trip and you do not go often or you are just looking to try lake fishing this boat is worth considering. For the price you get a lot of features such as 3 air chambers and an inner chamber for the hull.

You also get an inflatable floor that will stay firm so you will not be falling about everywhere but it is also comfortable enough.

An interesting feature of the Intex Challenger 2 is the fact that you get oar locks and oar holders as well as fishing rod holders just like our top choice which is the Seahawk 4.

You will also get a set of 48” oars and an output pump with this boat as well.

Should You Buy The Intex Seahawk 2?

To answer this question it all depends on how serious you are about getting out there on a lake. We keep on saying “lake” because although the advertisement says that you can use in salt water we feel that this boat is better suited to a freshwater lake to be on the safe side.

If you want a useable boat and there are only 2 of you that do not require a lot of room then you will find the Intex Seahawk 2 more than adequate.

You have even got a motor mount fitting if you want to put a motor on there.

We do think that the Challenger 2 is a better choice for a 2 man boat BUT if you are looking to save money and just get out there then the Seahawk 2 is worth looking at.

At the moment you can save 26% off of the Seahawk 2 and there is also a special deal where you can buy a Quick Pump at discount.


Customer Reviews:

By Roxane:

This boat is very durable but not heavy and a great buy for the price. We had it inflated in about 10 minutes (the pump works nicely), and deflated in about 2 minutes (it has quick-deflate valves).

We fit a man, a woman, a large bag, and a small cooler in this boat. It was a bit cramped but manageable (it seems like you could almost fit three small people in the boat, though that would make rowing very difficult). Read More At…

By FoFo:

I love this little boat. I use it on the lake for fishing and it has been awesome, its lets me fish in spots the i normally couldnt from the shore. the oars seem flimsy but i have had no problem with them, i even use them to push me off/on shore. i have had this boat for about 4-5 months and used it probably around 20 times. i recently got a small hole and i mean tiny(more like a tear, probably from a fishing hook) in the side. the boat comes with a patch kit but i just put a small piece of duct tape over it and it still worked like a charm.

I have had two adults in this boat multiple times, with two people it is a little cramped but is still usuable for fishing(with two people its best to sit sideways with you feet/legs hanging off the side), for one person its a great size and i can basically lay back and fish. (do not forget to have PFD’s for each person in the boat even if your in 3 ft of water or you will get a $130 ticket from the game warden like i did! >.<)

Like it says it will still float with just the inner chamber inflated, just makes it alot harder to get around (they day i found out there was a hole). The only negative about this boat its pumping it up, its takes about 7-10 mins, it says to never use an electic air pump (even amazon tries to sell you one?).deflation its very easy although the floor chamber takes a bit of effort to deflated cause you must pinch the hole to let air out. for the money this boat has made my fishing so much more fun!! Read More At…